Why is learning so difficult? How can ELSO help my situation? What makes it different from other programs?

When someone experiences learning challenges, endless questions arise, and the answers aren’t always easy to find. While no one is 100% certain what causes learning differences and difficulties, most researchers attribute them to variations in brain structure. Studies show that one of the best ways to address such difficulties is through multi-sensory instruction. ELSO does feature multi-sensory instruction, but that’s not all. The program also includes mastery checks, positive reinforcement, and motivation to prevent frustration and ensure students receive their therapy in a secure, successful environment.

Read the following statements. If any of them describes the learning challenges that you or your family have been facing, ELSO may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

  • My child has a distinct learning disadvantage … maybe more than one.
  • My child is shy, bashful and withdrawn in the classroom setting.
  • My child is easily distracted by the actions of other students in the classroom.
  • My child is learning at a level far below that of fellow classmates.
  • My child is falling further and further behind in school.
  • English is a second language for my family.
  • Our hectic family schedule prevents me from helping in my children’s learning.
  • I need extra help in home-schooling my child.
  • Tutoring is not available through my child’s school.
  • Transportation costs and scheduling prevent me from traveling to tutoring centers
  • Effective tutoring with proven results costs too much
  • I, as an adult learner, personally experience some of the above.