New Dyslexia Support Track

  • Do you need a structured way to give dyslexic students the speed and fluency practice they need to develop phonological and phonemic awareness?
  • Do some of your students need more time at the table with the dyslexia teacher while others are ready to practice word patterns they have mastered?
  • When your dyslexia teacher is absent, do you find it difficult to ensure students still get the practice and consistent repetition they need to master their word patterns?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, CEI® can help.

With dyslexia affecting up to 20% of all students and 70-80% of students with reading disabilities, effective intervention is critical. For over 30 years, thousands of dyslexic students of all ages have used ELS™ to overcome their learning disabilities. Click here to see some results.

While ELS is a successful intervention on its own, some dyslexia specialists recommend supplementing instruction with the Orton-Gillingham approach, a proven, one-on-one instructional model created specifically for students with dyslexic tendencies. In light of that recommendation, CEI created the ELS Dyslexia Support Track.

The Dyslexia Support Track is an additional track of 246 ELS lessons specifically designed to complement and support any Orton-Gillingham based approach you are using! This incredible new feature gives teachers the flexibility to spend more one-on-one time with the students who need it while allowing their classmates to move on and practice what they’ve learned. As a result, all students get the practice and repetition they need to build the exact neural representations, automaticity and fluency they need to be successful readers.

At the same time, the structure of the support track’s lessons makes it easier for you to implement ELS in conjunction with another program. The Individual Tasks menu allows you to select which word patterns each student studies and to choose which type of activities the student will work on … blending, segmentation, spelling, vocabulary, or fluency. We also offer several paper-pencil activities to reinforce instruction and to provide handwriting practice.

Click here to learn more about how the ELS Dyslexia Support Track can support your teaching method.