Special Ed Students

This study includes Special Education students who used CEI®s Essential Learning Systems program for one school year. The graphs reflect the number of CEI students and their gains in Reading Comprehension at the end of that year.

“I have seen students who have been discouraged at school come to life in the lab. The lab has given them an opportunity to learn at their own pace, in a different way, and they feel successful. This change in attitude helps them not only achieve in learning, but also changes their whole attitude about school.”

Elementary Principal
Brevard County, Florida

“I am a parent of a special needs child diagnosed with the autistic spectrum disorder of Pervasive Developmental Delay-NOS. Because he is participating in a program (ELS) that is tailored to his needs, giving him the opportunity to learn at his own pace, his reading, spelling, and comprehension skills are not only at grade level, but slightly above in some areas!

Parent of Elementary Student

“CEI has improved my life – I can read signs and menus now! It has given me the self-confidence to tackle life.”

Student with Cerebral Palsy
Reagan County, Texas

“There isn’t one task in the ELS program he can’t do. I believe this is why his self-confidence has improved. He is more interactive with people and is now answering questions in complex sentences instead of one-word responses.”

Parent of Autistic High School Student
Laredo, Texas

“I enjoy watching my students succeed because of ELS. If smiles were a paycheck, I’d be a millionaire.”

ELS Lab Facilitator
Sarasota, Florida