Progress Monitoring

Every student learns differently, and customizing instruction to accommodate those differences greatly improves the outlook for individuals who are struggling. Essential Learning Systems (ELS) and its management system offer several methods for analyzing student progress, so you can adjust lesson settings quickly and effectively.

Within the program:

  • The Continuous Progress Monitoring (CPM) framework systematically recycles students until they achieve mastery on each Mastery Cycle.
  • Teachers monitor progress as they observe students and when they conduct one-on-one coaching.
  • The program provides reinforcement, encouragement, and positive feedback to help students monitor their progress on each item in a task.
  • Daily printouts provide detailed feedback about their performance on every item in each lesson.

In the management system:

  • The Completed Lessons window allows you to see what types of lessons and how many lessons students have completed.
  • A variety of reports help you see areas of progress and facilitate communication with classroom teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • Assessment storage allows you to review third party test scores and see if the student is making progress toward meeting other benchmarks.