Our Process

While no one is 100% certain what causes learning differences and difficulties, most researchers attribute them to variations in brain structure. Studies show that one of the best ways to address such difficulties is through multi-sensory instruction.

Multi-sensory learning is the key to the CEI® learning process. Each program uses direct instruction to present small chunks of information and then requires visual, auditory, and kinesthetic responses from the student. This therapeutic approach develops the areas of the brain responsible for automatic recognition, retention, comprehension, and application of information. The combination of software and one-on-one coaching also allows each student to process information at an individualized pace.

Even when they’re working at their own pace, the lowest-performing 20% of your students may have difficulty accessing the grade-level curriculum. A huge benefit of Essential Learning Systems (ELS) and Mathematical Learning Systems (MLS) is that they help students to achieve skill level mastery as opposed to grade level mastery. Until students can grasp the most basic skills of the curriculum standards, they can’t even begin to focus on grade level mastery.