Dyslexic Students

This study includes Dyslexic students who used CEI®s Essential Learning Systems™ program for one school year. The graphs reflect the number of CEI students and their gains in Reading Comprehension at the end of that year.

“I remember like getting tests back, and they were like Fs, and I was like, ‘Why am I getting this when everyone else got an A?’ It made me feel like … you know … ‘Why am I not understanding this like everyone else?’ So, that sort of hurt a little bit. And when my parents finally told me that I had dyslexia, it started to make more sense. Every time I would … like … succeed at something, go on to the next level, graduate from Level 1 to Level 2, you know, I’d smile for the rest of the day. It was really cool accomplishing things and building my self-esteem up.”

Sixth Grade Student
Houston, Texas

“A kindergarten dyslexic student who wrote his letters not only backwards, but also sideways, upside down and in reverse order, was recommended to our CEI lab. In just three months, everyone is seeing an improvement. He is consistently writing his letters correctly, and his teachers are certain that they will see more success from this hard-working young man! He is a true success story and a feather in CEI’s hat!”

Elementary CEI Lab Facilitator
Llano, Texas

“I am 39 years old and quit school out of frustration due to the fact that I am dyslexic. I searched ebay for years trying to find someone to help me learn to read. From the very first lesson, I knew this program was the answer.… I started to see results.”

Adult Student
Floresville, Texas

“I have witnessed this program meet the needs of students with deficiencies. Struggling learners … those with dyslexia … those with special needs are all benefiting from this program.”

Assistant Superintendent
Edinburg, Texas

“Diagnosed in the second grade with dyslexia, my son spent several years with various interventions. He attended the CEI lab for three years and went on to attend the university of Texas where he is majoring in computer science. He is truly a testimonial to the fact that CEI makes a difference in people’s lives.”

Elementary School Principal
McAllen, Texas