Progress Monitoring

Essential Learning Systems Online™ (ELSO™) offers progress monitoring through its structure, feedback, reports, and reinforcement opportunities:

  • Program Structure: The ELSO Continuous Progress Monitoring (CPM) framework systematically recycles students until they achieve mastery on each Mastery Cycle.
  • Feedback: The ELSO program provides encouragement and positive feedback on each item in a task. At the end of every lesson, a scoreboard lists the completed tasks and indicates how well the student performed on each one. And if a student masters a checkpoint, a “Congratulations!” screen appears.
  • Reports: The Aspire Learning Management Online printouts provide detailed feedback about student performance on every item in each lesson. The Continuous Progress Monitoring report shows the student’s areas of progress and facilitates communication with classroom teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • Reinforcement: As teachers observe students working on ELSO, they can monitor progress and conduct one-on-one coaching to reinforce the concepts the student is learning.