ELSO Overview

Since Creative Education Institute® (CEI®) opened, we have witnessed millions of students in schools across the United States overcome their educational differences with the help of our programs. Throughout that time, we’ve also received many phone calls from people who had heard of Essential Learning Systems™ (ELS™) and wanted to use the program but didn’t have access to an ELS lab.

Fearing those people would lose access to the therapy they desperately needed, we created a new division of CEIA+ Aspire. Its primary goal was to get ELS into the hands of all learners and to reach that goal, Aspire developed Essential Learning Systems Online™ (ELSO). ELSO™ gives you access to the same individualized and differentiated instruction our school users have grown to love over the years. As an added benefit, you can use the program anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. It’s perfect for homeschooling, tutoring, learning English, or even beginning readers preparing to enter school. And an ELSO subscription costs significantly less than most tutoring programs or learning centers.

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