Creative Writing Award

When it comes to movies, superheroes are all the rage right now. By the end of the year, theaters will have seen a total of nine superhero movies grace their screens, and there are dozens more slated for next year. The release of all these movies has reignited a long-standing rivalry among comic book readers…. Which is better: DC vs Marvel? The DC Universe consists of characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, and the other members of the Justice League. The Marvel Universe is home to the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man, Antman, Deadpool, and Doctor Strange.

It’s hard to say which Universe is better because every hero has strengths and weaknesses, but they are all courageous. So are the students who participated in CEI®’s Eighteenth Annual Creative Writing Contest. For several months, CEI facilitators have encouraged their students to send in original stories, word problems, and math puzzlers. Knowing that CEI staff would be scoring each entry on originality, creativity and use of lesson words or facts, hundreds of students stepped up to the challenge.

Like the characters in the DC and Marvel Universes, the participants came from different age groups, classifications, and backgrounds, and they faced different challenges. But they all had one thing in common … courage. They had the courage to speak up and share their thoughts with others. They had the courage to accept another responsibility on top of their other assignments. They had the courage to keep going when things became harder than expected. That’s why this year’s participants are our heroes.

All of us at CEI are so grateful these students are part of our universe, and we are honored that they have chosen to share their hard work with us. Each year, we continue to be amazed by what we read, and each year, we are proud to announce the award recipients.

To view the current award list, click on the link below.

Creative Writing Award Winners – Click to View (PDF)