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A Difference Measured by Results

For over 30 years, Creative Education Institute® has produced innovative learning solutions that enable people with educational differences to achieve academic, social and professional success. Throughout that time, we recognized the same thing most educators do…. The average learner gains one year academically for each year of instruction. Struggling students, however, often fail to gain half a year academically. Consequently, the child who has multiple challenges when he starts kindergarten may be up to five years behind his peers by fifth grade.

Intervening as early as possible can prevent many challenges, but students who are already behind need more than therapy alone. They also need accelerated learning. CEI® students gain an average of 1.6 years for each year of instruction; more than a third gain two years or more. This means the same struggling kindergarten student won’t just catch up with his peers by the end of second grade. By third grade, he’ll surpass them.

With younger children, you can never start too early; for older students who are struggling, you cannot wait!

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